Happy Snaps Gallery

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Amelia Thorpe (8507) and her bridesmaids (Bari jay 647)

Alix Jenkins wearing 6043 print

Courtney Freestone Emmaus College A330 Print

Stephanie Rowe Emmaus College Shimmer 59915

Taylor Donpon and Partner TCC formal 6005 print

Olivia Sallaway, Miss Country Girl Australia 2010, Top 10 Finalist. A317

Kelsie Lanham, of Mt Morgan High, in our Q204, and her partner.

Simone Chapman of Rockhampton Grammar, style 6071, and her partner.

Rihanna Law of Glenmore State High, Q200, and her partner.

 Amy Cribb of North Rocky High, in our Bari Jay 925, and her partner.

Mikaela Magnussen of Heights College, in our A319, and her partner.

Tash Donnely of Runway Models, Winner of Fashions in the Feild, 2009 and 2010.

Barijay 261

Ashley Haydock (right) and Georgia Jefferis (left) who entered the 2010 Pineapple Festival.
Ashley will represent the Yeppoon Lions club as their ambassador for the following year.
Georgia raised $14,000 towards breast cancer research.
Congratulations girls!!!