Sunday, January 9, 2011


Again and again we've seen and heard it all. That big day is approaching fast and in a short number of weeks, possibly even days and you don't have a dress. Why? Because you purchased a gown off the internet and it all went wrong. The colour's wrong, the picture was different, or it doesn't fit at all.
The interent is unpoliced, and all to often an unrealistic when it comes to buying deisgner gowns.

Do you really know what you're purchasing?
Here's a quick checklist.

Can I be sure that my gown has not been made in a sweat shop or with child labour?

Can I be absolutely sure the gown will fit me perfectly?

Can I be sure my gown will arrive and in time for my event?

Can I be sure the finshed gown will be the exact colour I want?

Can I be sure of the material the gown will be made from?

Will my gown be ready to wear (or will i have to steam or iron it)?

Can I pay for my gown in installments?

Will I be able to contact the provider after I make my purchase?

So there's something to consider ladies. If you answered no to any of these questions, surely you wouldn't want your amazing gown to be less than your highest of expectations.

Checklist courtesy of Modern Wedding Magazine.

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