Fashion Tips

Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 16, everyone has hang-ups about their body’s shape. Leaner ladies tend to look all column: straight up and down with a small bust, no hips and therefore no shape. Women with curves however may find themselves being more conscious of the bust and hips. Of course, we’re all different in shape. To list every single one of them, from the column, the hourglass, the apple and the pair would simply fill a novel.

Your choice of dress is unique to your individuality and speaks volumes about the person you are, and also defines your fashion etiquette.  From bold colours to more subtle shades, to the texture and feel of fabric, these choices make a huge difference to completing your “look”.

At Hills in Hollywood North Rockhampton we love nothing more than to provide you with as much information as you can absorb, and to ultimately put you in the glamour spotlight. 
  If you’re wearing high heels; standing up straight balances your weight on the heel of your shoe giving you perfect posture and a stable ankle to stop any nasty falls. Small steps will help also.
 If your dress has a train don’t walk backwards to turn around. A train will naturally follow you as you walk. Pretend an invisible post is beside you and walk around the post to turn. This way your train will look amazing and you won’t step on your gown.”

So here are a few general tips to help you know what to look for when searching for that perfect dress.

Empire lines and sashes:
Any detailing along the waist of a dress is flattering on all shapes and sizes. Sashes, rouching and embellished waist lines are given the title of an ‘empire line’. This accentuates the little curves leaner women have, and gives curvier women the look of a smaller waste.
Women that are conscious of their hips should look for light materials, such as chiffon, that fall from an empire line. Chiffon flows well and doesn’t cling to the body, so this fabric creates a slimmer, smoother look.
Bari jay 328
Bari jay 214

For women who want the look of having more shape, satin and charmeuse are good fabrics to look out for. These fabrics are usually found on gowns that are more fitted and will show off your shape giving you a more flattering look.
Bari jay 216

Bari jay 226

Body Hang-ups:
If you bite your nails, or dislike your hands, don’t assume that jewellery will draw attention to them. Wearing a bold ring will draw the eye away from your hands and onto the statement item. Instead of focusing on what you personally dislike (which honestly, no one else will notice!) your friends will be left wishing they owned your jewellery.
For broad-shoulder gals, stay away from anything that has a v-neck or halter straps. A one-shouldered gown or strapless piece with a detailed/embroidered bodice will draw attention to the dress and not your shoulders.

Women with larger busts should look for styles with simple, rouched bodices. This creates the look of a slimmer bust. Also, detailing on the waist of the dress, preferably slightly off centre will draw eye to the waist and away from the chest area.
Bari jay 137

Dare to be bold!
Accessorising your dress is what finishes your look; it truly is the icing on the cake. When accessorising print dresses, choose the boldest colour in the gown and keep your accessories in theme with that colour. If that’s too daring, keep in theme with the colours in the embellishments, whether it’s silver or gold.
Most colours will go with the above gown, but the easy option is to literally ‘go for gold’. Using gold set jewellery with an orange stone, and a cute pair of orange heels, the look will be completed beautifully.
Make a Statement:

Bling is in! Accessorising with sparkling jewellery will keep you looking fabulous. Here at Hills in Hollywood Rockhampton, we are often asked ‘do I, or don’t I wear a necklace?”At the end of the day, wear what you feel most comfortable with, but here’s a few tips on what we suggest.
If your dress has thick straps, cap sleeves, is one shouldered, or has a detailed bodice, don’t wear a necklace. We suggest you wear a ‘statement’ earring. You’ll need something that will stand out, as it’s the major piece of jewellery you’ll be wearing. If you’re not use to big earrings, try not to go any shorter than something that stops in line with your mouth (1). If ‘the bigger, the better’ is your style, then don’t go any longer than just past your chin (2).

Your statement earring needs to stand out, so don’t choose something small and dainty. Pieces adorned with crystals (in silver or gold) will work best for catching light and maintaining visibility.
Aside from your earrings, a simple clutch bag and bracelet (worn on the opposite wrist to which you’re holding your purse) will complete the look with elegance.
If your dress is strapless, has a v-neck, or a sweetheart neckline then a necklace and earring set could be for you. Don’t go overboard with the earrings, keep it simple and in theme with your necklace. Good jewellery sets are well proportioned to complement each other.
If your gown has a slight sweetheart neck line, then a same length necklace will suit. For example, brides could wear just a simple row of pearls.
If the dress has a v-neckline, then choose a necklace with a simple pendant, tiered rows, or a drop down centre section.